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Shopping in Dhaka

Bashundhara City

Bashundhara City

Location: Pantha Path (Near to PanpacificSonargaon Hotel)

On Pantha path just west of the pan pacific hotel. This multi-story complex is the closest replica of the malls found in Asia. It is the newest and most modern place to shop in the city with small shops spanning over a whopping 10 floors.Bashundhara City is at the centre point of Dhaka and you will get anything you wish for. This is the most famous place for hang outing for food, games and movie.


Garment seconds

Banga Bazar&Dhanmondi Hawkers Market

Location: BangaBazar: Gulistan area, just West of Motijheel); Dhanmondi Hawkers Martket: Opposite to New Market.

For shopaholics this are probably a paradise but for others it can be a nightmare. There are thousands of small stalls intersected by narrow walkways which are often jammed with people. The quality varies widely but the prices can be cheap, cheap, cheap, after you bargain vigorously. Try $1 for a t-shirt, $3 for blue jeans and $5 for jackets. However, these are not a market for the brand conscious.



A well-known chain with several outlets around Dhaka and one in London. It is owned by BRAC the largest development organization in the world and sells handicrafts and clothing at moderately high prices.


Aarong Outlets in Dhaka


Gulshan – Tejgaon Link Road

Dhaka- 1208

Tel: 88-02-8825986



211, Outer Circular Road,


Dhaka- 1217

Tel: 88-02-8315674


Aarong's Flagship Outlet in Uttara

7 Dhaka-Mymensingh Road

Sector 3, Uttara




Location: 60 Kemal Ataturk, Banani

Jatra sells beautiful handicrafts and cotton as well as silk clothes that are dyed with natural colours at moderately high prices. Very famous among hip locals and foreigners. Probably one of the best places for buying souvenirs. Closed on Sunday.




Good place for buying local dresses and handicrafts. Several outlets in Dhanmondi, Bashundhara City and Banani Road 11.


Jamuna Future Park

Location: Near Bashundra, Just ask for Jamuna Future Park

The newest and most modern of the shopping malls here with several 3D theaters, a good amount of brand stores, an extensive food court, a bowling alley, as well as a rather large outdoor amusement park. A must go for shopping and/or a day out. Relatively new so most floors are unoccupied and sparsely populated. An alternative to Bashundhara City but would advise going to the latter if shopping, but for more practical activities, this is recommended.


Dhaka has some of the largest shopping malls in the world with Basundhara City and Jamuna Future Park being the most prominent ones. There are numerous mid-size malls in every neighborhood of the city. If you go shopping in the street bazaars and markets, ready to bargain then there are certainly bargains to be had among the bazars and markets of Dhaka. To get a feel for what things should cost in the local markets check prices in the western-style fixed price shops and then deduct 10%. If you prefer hassle free shopping then head to Bashundhara City, a huge Shopping Centre with more modern shops and other amenities you would expect to find in a mall.


New Market

Location: On Mirpur Road in Dhanmondi, just west of Dhaka University.

This is the largest market in the city and it has more class, more room and just as much choice. Prices may be a little higher because the stall rent is likely to be more expensive as well as clothing, there is leather, linen, jewelry, household goods, CDs and DVDs and so on. It is normally closed on Tuesdays.


Aziz Super Market

Location: Shahbag

Aziz Market is famous for its book shops with rare book collections and boutique shops for handicrafts and clothing. The handicrafts and clothing you will find here is creation of the students of Institute of Fine Arts of University of Dhaka. So what is available here is unique and is not available anywhere in Bangladesh.

Nilkhet Book Market:

Location: Opposite to Newmarket.

Nilkhet Book market is more like an 8th wonders of the world. It’s a night mare for world famous book publishers. Each and Every Book you will get here is pirated and you will get them at unbelievably cheaper price. A $50 book from Pearsons is available at $2-3 at this market. It’s a lifeline for Bangladeshi stuents who have limited financial resources.

Bangshal Road Bi-cycle Market:

Location: Banglshal (Near to Nazirabazar)

Bangshal road is famous for hundreds of Bicycle stores. It’s pleasant to see the largest bi-cycle hub of Bangladesh. The place is not so big just around 10 minutes walk. You will find carts and restaurants serving Kebab and Biriyani. One of the best Kebab Houses “BismillahKababGhar” is located here.

ChadniChawk Market:

Location:  Opposite to New Market.

ChadniChawk market is famous for its collection of fabric for woman clothing, fashion dress accessories and sarees. It’s a whole sale market and retail too. You can get things in less price compare to other markets.



Location: Road 11 Banani

Famous for ready-made three pieces and sarees. Accessories and handicrafts are also available. Several outlets in Dhanmondi, Banani Road 11 and Bashundhara City.



Shimanto Square

Location: Near Dhanmondi Lake and BGB HQ, the market is also called Rifles Square

A modern shopping mall filled with all sorts of shops. There are about 360 shops that are operating in the market. All stores are well decorated and full of local and imported products. Here you will find all kinds of readymade wear, shirt, pant, saree, three pieces, babies’ wear, toys, cosmetics, jewelry, electronics product, shoes, crockery, gifts, card gallery, mobile phone shops, movies, fashion product and many daily needs. The quality of products sold in this market is generally high and they charge relatively higher prices. Here you will find some modern food corners which attract numbers of young people who come here to chat.



Location: 60 Kemal Ataturk, Banani

Another good store with beautiful crafts at moderately high prices. Supports fair trade practices and clothes are dyed with natural colors.


Sopura Silk Mills Ltd.

Location: 121/C GulshanAvenue, Gulshan -2

Well known store for silk scarfs and silk sarees. Very reasonable prices and vast range of collection.


Deshi Dosh:

Location: Basundhara City (Karwanbazar)

Deshi Dosh means Bangladesh 10. It is a design floor located in Bashundhara City.  It brings together 10 Bangladeshi design houses which are all producing Bangladeshi fabrics and clothing. It seems like color and fabric exhibition. This is a great place for fashion conscious people.  

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